Convert text to a SmartArt graphic and vice versa

A SmartArt graphic may help you communicate your point more vividly than a bulleted list. You can quickly convert text to a SmartArt graphic, and you can easily convert a SmartArt graphic back to text.

Do any of the following:

ShowConvert text to a SmartArt graphic

  1. Select the bulleted or numbered list.
  2. On the SmartArt tab, under Insert SmartArt Graphic, click a SmartArt graphic type.

SmartArt tab, Insert SmartArt Graphic group

  1. Click the graphic that you want to add.

ShowConvert a SmartArt graphic to text

  1. Click the SmartArt graphic.
  2. On the SmartArt tab, under Reset, click Convert, and then click Convert to Text.

PowerPoint SmartArt tab, Reset group

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Applies to:
PowerPoint for Mac 2011