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Charts III: Create a professional-looking chart

Selecting Rows or Columns as data series in Data Range tab of Chart Wizard

In Step 2 of the Chart Wizard, click either Rows or Columns on the Data Range tab to determine what your chart says. You can see the result of your choice in the preview on the tab.

To determine how your worksheet information is presented in the chart, you can choose whether Excel charts the columns of your worksheet or the rows. This is done in the Chart Wizard by clicking the Chart Wizard button Button image and then clicking the Next button.

In the picture, the chart on the left compares the salespeople to each other, month after month. Excel selected the worksheet rows as the data series.

The chart on the right shows the monthly performance of each individual salesperson. In this chart the data series charted is the worksheet columns.

Tip     You can also select what to chart by clicking either the By Rows button Button image or the By Columns button Button image on the Chart toolbar.

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