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Charts III: Create a professional-looking chart

Chart with shadows and different fonts

Chart with no border around the legend, a shadow around the chart, and a different font for the chart title than for the chart text.

Give your chart a clean and professional touch by deleting the border from the legend. Select the legend, right-click, and click Format Legend on the shortcut menu, or select the legend and click Selected Legend on the Format menu. You'll learn the rest of the steps in the practice session that's coming up.

You can also give the chart more flair by adding a shadow around the chart. You could add shadows around the chart and axis titles as well, but make sure the chart doesn't look cluttered.

Shadows are easy to add. Just click the chart to select it. Then right-click and select Format Chart Area on the shortcut menu, and then select the Shadow check box. Or click the chart and click Selected Chart Area on the Format menu.

How to change a font depends on what you want to change. To change an individual title, such as the chart title, go to the Font box on the Formatting toolbar and click the font you want. The font of the chart title in the picture has been changed from Arial to Georgia.

To change all the fonts at once, click the border of the chart to select it, and then click a font in the Font box.

You might also make text larger or smaller by clicking the Font Size box on the Formatting toolbar. Or you could make selected text bold or italic by clicking the Bold or Italic buttons on the Formatting toolbar.

You can also apply specific number formats to the numbers that appear on the chart, just as you would in a worksheet. To apply the most common number formats to a selected axis or data label, you can use the Currency Button image, Percent Button image, and Comma Button image style buttons on the Formatting toolbar.

Tip     You can save all the formatting changes you've made to use another time by creating a user-defined custom chart type. See how in the Quick Reference Card at the end of the course.

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