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Keyboard shortcuts in the 2007 Office system

Tabs and groups on the Ribbon with their Key Tip badges

Fig. 1  On the Insert tab the Key Tip M is assigned to SmartArt.
Fig. 2  On the Page Layout tab the Key Tip M is assigned to Margins.

Although the layered approach to Key Tips means that each command in a program has a unique sequence of Key Tips, it also means that there are many duplicates when comparing the Key Tips across tabs. So M does one thing on one tab, and it does something else on a different tab. For example, in Word, M is the Key Tip for Margins on the Page Layout tab but for SmartArt on the Insert tab.

Remember, you only ever see the Key Tip badges for the active tab — the tab you are on; you have to move to another tab to see its Key Tips. If you end up with the Key Tips for the wrong tab showing, just press ESC to see the tab Key Tip badges again.

Note     If a dialog box is open that uses the same letter in a shortcut as a Key Tip on the Ribbon, the dialog box has precedence.

Although you can do things in the Ribbon by using keys to move around it (as you'll see in the next sections), Key Tips are a much quicker way to access and execute commands.

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