Create labels (Training)

Create labels

Take this course to learn how to print full pages of labels or a single label, and to use mail merge to create a sheet of address labels from your mailing list for mass mailings.

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Create and print labels (3:04)
In Word 2013, you can create many different kinds of labels that work with almost any type of printer. When you find the label you want, check to see if there's a template for it in Word. Templates can save a lot of time because all the setup is done for you.

Use mail merge to create multiple labels (3:18)
If you wanted to create a bunch of recipient address labels, you could type them all manually in an empty label document. But there's a much better way, and it's called mail merge. Watch this video to learn more.

Format and add a graphic (3:24)
After you initially set up your labels, you can make changes and add finishing touches before you go to print.

More options and custom labels (4:15)
Address labels are the most popular kind of label, but you can also find special printer paper for making things like business cards, and much more.

Course summary
A brief reminder of the key points in this course.

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