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Up to speed with PowerPoint 2007

The Convert command

Callout 1 With the presentation open, click Convert to save it in the new file format.
Callout 2 A message is displayed that explains what the Convert command will do. Click OK to complete the command.

A way to save an older presentation in the new format is to apply the Convert command in PowerPoint 2007. The effect is that PowerPoint does an "in place" replacement of the old presentation file, converting it to the new format. The file then no longer exists in the old format.

To use the command, you open the presentation, click the Microsoft Office Button Button image, and click Convert.

More file types

With PowerPoint 2007, there are additional file types you can choose for saving a presentation. For example, there's a new type available for a presentation that contains macros. See the Quick Reference Card for more details.

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