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Up to speed with PowerPoint 2007

Background Styles gallery on Design tab

How to tweak the theme.
Callout 1 Use the Colors, Fonts, and Effects galleries, all on the Design tab.
Callout 2 Look at other Background Styles. The choices use theme colors.
Callout 3 Point to a thumbnail to get a preview of the alternative background.
Callout 4 To apply your own background, such as a photograph, click Format Background.

The theme you choose is a complete design. But where's the fun if you can't do some tweaking? The Design tab has other galleries in case you want to modify the theme.

Each provides a preview on the slide as you rest the mouse pointer over gallery choices.

Colors     There's a set of colors for every available theme; you can select your theme's colors and modify any of them.

Fonts     Click any sample from the Fonts gallery to apply it to the slides. Each includes a font for title text and one for body text.

Effects     These are a range of visual effects for shapes, such as a glow, soft edges, or a three-dimensional (3-D) look.

Background Styles    Subtly change the theme's background while keeping within the set of theme colors. Samples are shown in the picture.

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