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Shapes II: Expertly position, stack, and group shapes

Rotating a line by its ending point and a rectangle by its rotation handle

Rotate 1-D shapes by the beginning point or the ending point. Rotate 2-D shapes by their green rotation handles.

Sometimes a shape is placed right, sized right, spaced right, but still needs one good turn.

For example, you might want to position a starburst shape at an angle, to call attention to it. Or you might rotate an arrow to point where it should. Or you might turn a desk in an office layout to get more light from a window.

To rotate 2-D shapes, you use the rotation handle Handle image. Just click and drag that handle to the new position.

To rotate 1-D shapes, you click and drag either the beginning point or the ending point, swinging the shape around to where you want it.

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