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Prepare for the holidays: Write and send a newsletter with Word

Steps 2 and 3 of the Mail Merge task pane

Steps 2 and 3 are about selecting which document you're working with and identifying your data source.

In the previous step you selected the type of document you're creating (labels). The second step is to establish the starting document on which you will set up your mailing labels. Select one of the following options:

  • Use the current document Use this option if the document you're currently using is already in label format. If it isn't, this option will not be available.
  • Change document layout Use this option if the document you're currently using is not in label format (if it's a blank document, for example) and you need to change its layout by adding a label format. For labels it is usually easier to do a mail merge from a blank document.
  • Start from existing document Use this option if you have a previously saved document that is already in label format.

You will then need to choose what type of labels to use. This is done by clicking Label Options and setting up your label and printer information in the dialog box.

The third step consists of selecting a list of recipients (in other words, the data source). If you don't have a contact list, you can create one by clicking Create and entering your recipients' details in the New Address List dialog box.

If you do have a contact list (saved as an Excel worksheet, for example), you need to click Browse to find the recipient list file. In the Select Data Source dialog box, select All files in the Files of type list to easily find your files.

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