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Lists II: Publish Excel 2003 lists to a SharePoint site

View list on SharePoint site or from Excel

Fig. 1  Click the link in the Windows SharePoint Services message box to see the list you just published.
Fig. 2  To see a published list at any time, click List on the List toolbar, and then click View List on Server.

After you click Finish in the dialog box, you could click the link in the message box (Figure 1) to see the list on your SharePoint site. Once you've taken a look, you can return to your list in Excel by clicking the Close button at the top of the browser window, clicking the Excel button on the taskbar, or pressing ALT+TAB. Then click OK to close the message box with the link.

You can see a published list on the SharePoint site any time by selecting the list on the worksheet, clicking List on the List toolbar, and then clicking View List on Server, as shown in Figure 2.

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