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Up to speed with Outlook 2007

Attachment previewed in reading pane

In Outlook 2007, you'll receive attachments just as you did in earlier versions of Outlook. And now, some attached files can be previewed right from the Reading Pane.

Suppose that someone sends you two Microsoft Office Visio diagrams as attachments, but you only care about the one that shows the new training room in your building.

How could you quickly decide which file to open or save to your hard disk?

As we've shown in the picture, attachment previewing could be your answer: To preview an attachment, click its icon. The attachment preview appears in the Reading Pane.

Attachment previewing allows you to display previews of certain file types right from the Outlook Reading Pane. You can do this without having to open the attached files.

Note    To help keep your computer safe, embedded code in attachments is disabled while previewing.

Once you've decided an attached file is one that you want to open or save, you can do that by right-clicking its icon in the Reading Pane.

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