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Create individual envelopes and labels

Word practice file and practice instructions

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Practice in Word
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Now that you know the theory of producing great envelopes, it's time to try it out. Have a go at addressing an envelope, adding some WordArt, and printing it.

You're working at the National Museum in Seattle, and you'll be sending a letter to Mr. Tran, of San Diego.

Don't forget to have the printer you'll be using switched on, plugged in, and ready go. Also, have some envelopes (plus spares) handy. Don't worry if you're using a different printer than normal for printing the envelope; the practice steps explain how to change your printer.

About the practice session

When you click Practice in Word, a practice document will download to your computer and open in Word, and a separate window with practice instructions will appear alongside (see picture).

Note     You need to have Word 2003 installed on your computer.


  • If the practice instructions aren't visible, or disappear when you click in Word, click the Word Help taskbar button and then click the Auto Tile button on the upper-left corner of the instructions.
  • If the practice instructions cover up Word, click the Auto Tile button on the upper-left corner of the instructions.

Before you begin

Make sure to close Word if it is already running.

Start the practice

Click the Practice in Word button now.

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