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Shapes II: Expertly position, stack, and group shapes

Size and Position Window shows numbers for a shape's size and its place on the page

Here in the Size & Position window, the X-coordinate value is 1 inch, and the Y-coordinate value is 9 inches. The exact center of the box is at the intersection of these two coordinates.

Sometimes using a mouse to position or size a shape can be difficult. For example, if you're working on an office layout, you may want a desk to be positioned precisely. But what if Visio snaps it to a location you don't want? Or what if you can't seem to let go of the mouse button at the right time? The cure for these woes is the Size & Position window, and it is found on the View menu.

The location of a shape is stated in terms of X and Y coordinates. The X coordinate is the position on the horizontal ruler at the top of the page. The Y coordinate is the position on the vertical ruler at the left of the page. The point where these meet is the shape's pin Rotation pin image. For most shapes, the pin is in the center of the shape.

To move the shape, type in new numbers for the coordinates. The shape will automatically shift to that exact location. To size the shape, type new numbers for width and height. The shape edges change to those exact dimensions, while the shape pin stays where it was before.

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