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Tables I: Create and format basic tables

Table with font formatting applied to content

The font formatting in the table above, as well as the paragraph formatting such as space before and after, indents, and alignment, are all applied just as you would apply them to text in the body of your document.

As discussed earlier, you can use most font and paragraph formatting to customize the appearance of your table's content. You can even use character and paragraph styles just as you do with text.

Tip     By default, when you create a table, all cells of the new table will take on the paragraph style at your insertion point. This is a good thing to check first if it looks like there's too much space, wrong alignment, wrong font, or other unwanted formatting in your new table.

Paragraph indents, spacing, alignment, and any font formatting work just as they do when you format text. Check out the example in the illustration.

Additionally, when you have a graphic in your table that is formatted with the In line with text layout option discussed in the previous lesson, you can format its position on the page by using paragraph formatting features such as alignment or space before and after the paragraph.

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