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Get to know Excel: Enter formulas

Insert Function dialog box

The Insert Function dialog box.

Excel offers many other useful functions, such as date and time functions and functions you can use to manipulate text. Those are discussed in other Excel training courses: "Figure out dates by using formulas," "Make time count by using formulas," and "Use formulas to edit, correct, and proofread text."

You could see other functions by clicking More Functions in the AutoSum list. More Functions opens the Insert Function dialog box, which helps you to search for a function. This dialog box also gives you another way to enter formulas in Excel.

With the dialog box open, you would type what you want to do in the Search for a function box, or you could select a category and then scroll through the list of functions in the category. Click Help on this function at the bottom of the dialog box to find out more about any function. The Insert Function dialog box is discussed in detail in "Find functions and enter arguments."

Here's your final practice session in this course.

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