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Get started designing your own professional publications

Click Play to see how you can flow the text from one text box into another and add "Continued" notices.

In publications such as newsletters or brochures, you often start a story on one page and continue it on another. In Publisher, you can easily continue a story by:

  • Linking the text box where the story starts to the text box where it continues.
  • Adding "Continued" notices that update automatically if you move text boxes around.

To link one text box to another, first click the text box that you want to link from, and then click the Create Text Box Link tool Button image. The cursor becomes a little pitcher Pitcher cursor. When you click the empty text box that you want to link to, any overflow text pours into the text box.

To add a "Continued" notice to a text box, click the text box. On the Format menu, click Text Box, and then click the Text Box tab. You can choose to include either "Continued on page…" or "Continued from page…".

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