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Shapes II: Expertly position, stack, and group shapes

Messy shapes, vertical alignment option

The Align shapes command can be a real time saver.

Grid, rulers, and guides are great when you create a diagram in a planned, organized way. But sometimes you may prefer to work freely and spontaneously, saving the organization for the end. This is entirely understandable, and Visio has ways to help with this too.

While you're working freehand or when you're finished, you can tidy up your diagram by using the Align shapes command on the Shape menu.

This command makes it simple to line up your shapes. Select the shape you want the others to line up with, then click the alignment option you want. In the example you see here, a vertical alignment button got these shapes in line. It's like a sheepdog for shapes.

We'll spell out the details of this process in the practice session coming up.

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