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So that's how! Great PowerPoint features

Master view with the title master selected

Callout 1 Open Slide Master view from the View menu.
Callout 2 The slide master and title master thumbnails show as a pair on the left side of the view.
Callout 3 Click the second thumbnail, the title master, to display it and make style changes that affect title slides.

To display the title master, on the View menu, point to Master, and click Slide Master. This opens Slide Master view. Click the second slide thumbnail in the left of the window to display the title master.

The title master might look a little intimidating at first; it just takes some getting used to.

Color scheme, background, font style and color, shapes, art, and some animations can be changed or added here to make title slides unique. For example, to change the font style for the title, you'd select the boilerplate text and change the style, but you wouldn't type text here.

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