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Datasheets III: Make data easier to read by formatting columns and rows

Text formatting menues and commands

Use standard menus and commands to format your text.

Your coworkers like what you've done, but remind you that the company uses a standard font and font size. No problem.

Callout 1 On the Home tab, in the Font group, click the arrow next to the font list and select a font.
Callout 2 To change the font size, click the arrow next to the Font Size list and select a value. You can also enter a value manually.
Callout 3 To change the font style, click any combination of Bold, Italic, or Underline.
Callout 4 To change the font color, click the arrow next to the Font Color button, and then select a color from the palette.

Any changes you make apply to the entire datasheet. You can't apply these types of changes to just some rows or columns.

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