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Calendar II: See and use multiple calendars

Item being moved from a family calendar to the default calendar

Sometimes you'll want an appointment to be in two calendars. For example, if it's your turn to drive the soccer carpool next week, you may want to copy that appointment from the family calendar into your own calendar: That way you'll be sure to remember and you'll also avoid being double-booked at that time.

Or suppose again you've subscribed to an Internet calendar for a sports team you like. When you see a game that you want to attend, you can drag the appointment from the shared calendar to your own. As with the soccer practice appointment, by having the item in your own calendar, you'll remember to attend and you'll avoid schedule conflicts.

Copying an appointment from one calendar to another is simple: In side-by-side mode, simply click the appointment to select it and then drag it to the destination calendar as we've shown in the picture.

Note     When you use this drag-and-drop method, you'll need to take care that you position the copy in the exact same time slot.

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