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Office security basics

Macro in Visual Basic window

A macro can quickly run a sequence of steps and commands that otherwise could be time consuming.

You've heard about macros, but what are they?

A macro is a sequence of commands that can be run automatically. It is very useful for running a repetitive set of steps automatically. For example, a macro program can be used to automate a series of routines such as spell checking, and to check for capital letters after a full stop in a long document. Office programs have macros in them that you might never have noticed. Microsoft Office Access, in particular, uses a lot of macros.

Why do you need to worry about macros?

Unfortunately, anyone can write a macro that includes a harmful sequence of commands. Harmful commands could do something simple like add or remove text in a document, or even remove data from your computer.

The good news is that you can set up your Office programs to detect macros. Go on to the next lesson to find out more about protecting your computer.

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