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Keep track of birthdays and anniversaries
Training Overview Learn to enter annual events into your Microsoft® Outlook® calendar and to link those events with people in your Contacts folder. Also, learn to set re...
Outlook 2003
So that's how! Great Outlook features to organize your contacts
Training Overview Microsoft Office Outlook helps you organize your contacts into functional groups. With organized contacts, you can more easily send e-mail messages to ...
Outlook 2003
Share contacts using Outlook and Windows SharePoint Services
Training Overview Create a contacts list using Microsoft Windows® SharePoint® Services. Collaborate on the list with anyone who has access to the SharePoint Web site and...
Outlook 2003
Use the keyboard to work in Outlook
Training Overview Learn how to work in Microsoft Office Outlook with the keyboard rather than the mouse. Find out how to use keystrokes to manage your e–mail, calendar, ...
Outlook 2003
Create great-looking signatures for your e-mail
Training Learn how to create plain e-mail signatures or signatures with images. You can also manage different types of signatures for your multiple roles.
Outlook 2003