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MindMapper bills its service as “new ideas at the click of a button.” But ideas need structure to become reality, so MindMapper takes the extra step of providing a way to map your ideas and visualize the relationships they form in an easily understood graphical interface. This is the real value that MindMapper provides: a bridge from amorphous ideas to actionable reality. You start with your main idea: the topic of your mind map. From there, click and drag the red circle away from the topic to create a branch and add a new or related idea. To make the most of your mindmapping, utilize the “insight” tools. For example you can create a dynamic map from various search APIs (DuckDuckGo is the default service), or use the dynamic canvas tool to move around the canvas. There’s a handy tutorial to help you get started, and maps can be exported and printed for easy sharing. MindMapper will likely be particularly useful to those responsible for demonstrating new concepts in PowerPoint or Project presentations, group leaders who want to map out strategy sessions, and anyone looking for an effective way to capture brainstorming sessions.
Create Mind Maps directly in your office applications. Mind mapping is a great way to add structure to brainstorming sessions and visualize your ideas. Brainstorm, organize, and manage directly in your Office application, using a built in visual canvas.

In addition to traditional Mind Mapping applications, Mind-O-Mapper allows you to interact with various search api's such as Duck Duck Go and WordNik to create dynamic Mind Maps. Find synonyms, definitions, new ideas at click of a button!

Organize your thoughts
Visualize your ideas
Brainstorming sessions
Save directly in your Office document
Dynamically map from various search api's
Find Synonyms
Find Definitions
Get Creative

Support Link: http://www.repointtechnologies.com/pages/mind-O-Mapper.aspx

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