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SharePoint Workspace 2010: An introduction

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A SharePoint workspace is:

Your own personal, offline copy of a SharePoint site that synchronizes automatically with the server whenever you’re on your network.

A type of template for creating SharePoint sites.

A place for organizing your SharePoint sites.

A place for editing SharePoint content with other people.

After updating an item in a SharePoint workspace, how do you synchronize your work with the version on the SharePoint site?

Copy the update to the Clipboard. Open the item on the server, paste the update, and save your changes.

Go to the server and then upload the change from the SharePoint workspace.

Do nothing. The update will be automatically synchronized to the server if you are on your network. If you are offline, the update will be automatically synchronized to the server the next time you go online.

Do a Save As operation, and specify the server URL in the dialog box.

How do you prevent other SharePoint users from editing an item that you want to edit?

Open the item for editing. Other SharePoint users will be notified that you are editing the item.

Always work while on your network. Other users cannot open the same item if you’ve opened it while online.

Send a message to other SharePoint users who might want to edit the item to warn them that you will be editing it. Send another message when you are done editing.

Check out the item to place a lock on it on the server.

What’s the fastest way to navigate from a SharePoint workspace to its associated SharePoint site in a web browser?

Open a web browser and type in the web address. You should save your SharePoint site locations as Favorites.

Click the breadcrumb links in the title bar of the content area in the SharePoint workspace.

Click the File tab to go to the Backstage view, click Info, and then click the web address under Change Online Connection Settings.

Select any list that’s categorized as Available on Server and then click Open the list in a Browser.

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