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Workflows I: Basics you should know

An animated example of the Approval workflow.

So how do you get a workflow going, and how do people complete their tasks? Let’s take a look. Ellen has made a presentation for an upcoming company meeting. It contains some important announcements. She saved the presentation to this document library and named it, Company Meeting. But before she gives the presentation to the company, she needs it approved by three important people: Amy, Brian, and Chris.

To see how she starts the Approval workflow, and to see what the experience is like for the three approvers, click the word Play above this illustration. Note that this animation shows the process for PowerPoint 2007, but it is the same in Word 2007 and Excel 2007.

Animation description:

Cursor hovers over the file, clicks the down arrow, and then clicks Workflows.

Cursor clicks the Approval link, specifies e-mail addresses for recipients, types a message, specifies a deadline, and then clicks Start.

Amy receives an e-mail message, clicks the link to the file, reviews the file, and then clicks Edit this task.

Brian and Chris do the same.

Back at the document library, the Approval column reads Approved and the workflow status page shows three tasks complete.

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