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Workflows I: Basics you should know

E-mail message asking for approval, e-mail message asking for feedback, e-mail message asking for signatures

The three workflows available.

When you save a file to a document library on a SharePoint Server 2007 site, you have three workflows available to you:

Callout 1 The Approval workflow: This workflow asks everyone to approve a file. For example, before giving a presentation, you might run this workflow so that influential people at your company can approve it.
Callout 2 The Collect Feedback workflow: This workflow collects feedback. For example, if you are writing a new company policy, you might want feedback from people in various departments. Then later, you can integrate everyone’s feedback into a final version before it becomes official.
Callout 3 The Collect Signatures workflow. This workflow collects digital signatures from people. You might use this if you want someone to sign an expense report, or a performance review.
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