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Workflows I: Basics you should know

Test yourself

Complete the following test so you can be sure you understand the material. Your answers are private, and test results are not scored.

If you use a workflow in a document library, generally what will happen?

It will send files to each person in your company for review.

It will help automate the review process for a file by providing a link in an e-mail message.

It will direct people from one library to another so that they can review a file.

It will help you send out files for review without using e-mail.

What are the three workflows covered in this course series?

Approval, Collect Names, Collect Addresses.

Collect Approvals, Collect Signatures, Collect Feedback.

Approval, Collect Names, Collect Signatures.

Approval, Collect Feedback, Collect Signatures.

When someone is assigned a workflow task, what does that look like to them?

It looks like a little sticky note with instructions on what to do.

It looks like an e-mail message. The e-mail message will have instructions.

It looks like a little clipboard with a check box next to the task.

It appears next to the document in a special column.

Where can you see a record of who completed their workflow tasks?

In the actual document itself.

In a column next to the file in the library.

On the Workflow Archive Reporting page.

On the Workflow Status page.

True or False: If you are using Office Standard 2007, the Edit this task button will appear for you in Word, Excel, and PowerPoint 2007.



True or False: If someone rejects a file in the Approval workflow, their task will be considered incomplete.



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