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Workflows I: Basics you should know

1 - A message that says, "Approval has started," "View the status of this workflow"; 2 - A message that says, "Approval has completed," "Approved by Amy, rejected by Brian, Approved by Chis, "View the status of this workflow"

The initiator of the workflow receives these two messages.

In the animation, you saw how the workflow gets started and how people complete tasks using e-mail messages. But when you are the initiator of a workflow, you'll also receive two special e-mail messages:

Callout 1 You’ll receive a message that tells you when a workflow has started.
Callout 2 When everyone has completed their tasks, you’ll get a final message telling you the workflow has been completed — including the names of the people who approved or rejected the file.

Each of these messages has a link at the bottom that, when clicked, will take you to the Workflow Status page. That link is helpful on receipt of the first message, because you can check to see who has and who hasn’t completed their tasks yet. Clicking that link later in the final message is an easy way for you to access the Workflow Status page, should there be any doubt if a file was approved or not.

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