Link tasks on the Network Diagram

Microsoft Office Project 2003 provides four different types of task dependencies (task dependencies: A relationship between two linked tasks; linked by a dependency between their finish and start dates. There are four kinds of task dependencies: Finish-to-start [FS], Start-to-start [SS], Finish-to-finish [FF], and Start-to-finish [SF].) that you can use to link tasks in a schedule.

  1. On the View menu, click Network Diagram.
  2. Position the pointer in the center of the predecessor (predecessor: A task that must start or finish before another task can start or finish.) task box.
  3. Drag to the successor (successor: A task that cannot start or finish until another task starts or finishes.) task box.


  • By default, when you link tasks on the Network Diagram, you create finish-to-start task dependencies. If you want to use a task dependency other than finish-to-start, double-click the task link, and then click the task dependency you want in the Type box.
  • When inserting a task among linked tasks in the Network Diagram view, you can have a new task linked automatically or not link it at all. To link the new task, click the task that you want to precede the new task, and then click New Task on the Insert menu. If this doesn't work, make sure that the Autolink inserted or moved tasks check box is selected on the Schedule tab in the Options dialog box (Tools menu). To add the new task without linking it, click the task with which the new task will occur concurrently, and then drag to create the new task in a blank portion of the Network Diagram.
Applies to:
Project 2003