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Manage your mailbox IV: Archive old messages

AutoArchive dialog box with callouts

AutoArchive is on by default. You'll know it's working if you're periodically prompted with the "Would you like to AutoArchiveā€¦" message that we mentioned at the beginning of this course. If you don't get those prompts, you can find out whether AutoArchive is on by looking in the AutoArchive dialog box, which we've shown in the picture.

Callout 1 If the Run AutoArchive every check box is selected, AutoArchive is on. (And if you don't like AutoArchive, you can turn it off from here by clearing the check box.)
Callout 2 The number of days indicates the frequency with which AutoArchive will run.

Wondering how to get to this dialog box? You do it by clicking Options on the Tools menu, clicking the Other tab, and then clicking the AutoArchive button. You'll get a chance to try doing this in the practice at the end of this lesson.

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