Reduce your environmental footprint with OneNote 2007

Think about how much paper you use each day and how that affects the environment. Whether you're at work or in school, paper and notebooks are still very much a part of our lives. What if there were a way to capture all of those notes and documents in a single, paperless location?

With Microsoft Office OneNote 2007, businesses and educational institutions can easily replace their current paper-based methods with a digital format. OneNote 2007 digital notebooks are easily distributable and updatable, and unlike paper, they are searchable and interactive. In addition to converting paper-based materials into OneNote, you can “print” materials directly to the OneNote digital format instead of onto physical paper, by using the “Send to OneNote 2007” printer. The next time you consider sending that document to the laser printer, try sending it to OneNote first.

How OneNote 2007 can help the environment

OneNote 2007 can greatly reduce our environmental footprint over using paper notebooks. By using OneNote as a digital notetaking and distribution tool, we can replace not only paper-based notebooks, but even things like learning, training, and on-boarding materials. This can help minimize the number of trees we cut down, paper and package processing and associated byproducts, as well as the fuel associated with shipping such materials via air or ground.

How Microsoft is reducing its carbon footprint with OneNote 2007

Many teams at Microsoft have already changed many of their internal processes and materials to paperless versions. Existing training and on-boarding classes and their associated documentation have been converted into OneNote notebooks that are distributed electronically, and more and more are following this trend.

Here are a few examples of areas where Microsoft is reducing the use of paper and packaging:

  • Employee and Manager training classes
  • New Employee Orientation
  • Engineering Excellence classes
  • Sales and Marketing materials
  • Legal and Finance materials

Examples of materials converted to OneNote notebooks

Management Excellence Practices Notebook

Management Excellent Practices notebook

3rd Grade Math Notebook

Third Grade Math notebook

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