Customize a pen

 Note   The feature or functionality described in this topic is available only if you have installed Microsoft Office OneNote 2003 Service Pack 1. To learn more about the service pack and how to download it, see Service pack features in OneNote 2003.

  1. On the Standard toolbar, click the arrow next to Pen Button image, and then, on the shortcut menu, click the felt-tip pen or highlighter that you want to customize.

 Note   Microsoft Office OneNote 2003 includes eight felt-tip pens and four highlighters. Customizing pens doesn't add new selections to the list of available pens. For each pen you customize, the original selection is replaced with the options that you specify.

  1. Click the arrow next to the Pen button again, and then click Customize Current Pen.
  2. In the Customize Current Pen dialog box, do any of the following:
    • In the Pen name box, type a new name for the current pen.
    • In the Pen color list, click a new color for the current pen.
    • In the Pen thickness (mm) list, enter a new stroke size (in millimeters) for the current pen.
Applies to:
OneNote 2003