System Policies in the Word 2000 Policy Template

Office 2000 System Policy Reference

The following policies are available in the Word9.adm template.


Microsoft Word 2000
    Tools | Options...
                Status bar
                Animated text
                Horizontal scroll bar
                Vertical scroll bar
                Picture placeholders
                Field codes
                Field shading
                Left scroll bar
            Formatting marks
                Tab characters
                Paragraph marks
                Hidden text
                Optional hyphens
                Optional breaks
            Print and Web Layout options
                Object anchors
                Text boundaries
                Vertical ruler (Print view only)
            Outline and Normal options
                Wrap to window
                Draft font
                Style area width
            Blue background, white text
            Provide feedback with animation
            Confirm conversion at Open
            Update automatic links at Open
            Mail as attachment
            Recently used file list
                Number of entries: 
            Help for WordPerfect users
            Navigation keys for WordPerfect users
            Asian fonts also apply to Latin text
            Measurement units
                Select units: 
            Show pixels for HTML features
            Use character units
            English Word 6.0/95 documents
        Web Options...
                Disable features not supported by browser
                Check if Word is the default editor for all other Web pages
            Typing replaces selection
            Drag-and-drop text editing
            Use the INS key for paste
            Tabs and backspace set left indent
            Use smart cut and paste
            Allow accented uppercase in French
            When selecting, automatically select entire word
            Picture editor
            Enable click and type
            IME Control Active
            IME TrueInLine
            Printing options
                Draft output
                Update fields
                Update links
                Allow A4/Letter paper resizing
                Background printing
                Reverse print order
            Include with document
                Document properties
                Field codes
                Hidden text
                Drawing objects
            Options for Duplex Printing
                Front of sheet
                Back of the sheet
            Always create backup copy
            Allow fast saves
            Prompt for document properties
            Prompt to save Normal template
            Allow background saves
            Save AutoRecover info
                Save AutoRecover info every (minutes)
            Add Bi-Directional Marks when saving Text files
            Save Word files as
            Disable features not supported by Word 97
        Spelling & Grammar
            Check spelling as you type
            Always suggest corrections
            Suggest from main dictionary only
            Ignore words in UPPERCASE
            Ignore words with numbers
            Ignore Internet and file addresses
            Use German post reform rules
            Combine aux verb/adj.
            Use auto-change list
            Process compound nouns
            Arabic modes
            Check grammar as you type
            Check grammar with spelling
            Show readability statistics
            Writing style
        File Locations
            Clipart pictures
            AutoRecover files
        Hangul Hanja Conversion
            Fast conversion
            Display recently used items
            Ignore Hangul ending
            Multiple words conversion
            Document view
            Add control characters in Cut and Copy
            Add double quote for Hebrew alphabet numbering
            Visual selection
            Control characters
            Different color for diacritics
            Month names
    Tools | AutoCorrect...
            Correct TWo INitial CApitals
            Capitalize first letter of sentence
            Capitalize names of days
            Correct accidental use of cAPS LOCK key
            Replace text as you type
        AutoFormat as you type
            Apply as you type
                Automatic bulleted lists
                Automatic numbered lists
                First line indent
            Replace as you type
                Straight quotes with smart quotes
                Ordinals (1st) with superscript
                Fractions (1/2) with fraction character
                Symbol characters (--) with symbols
                *Bold* and _italic_ with real formatting
                Internet and network paths with hyperlinks
                Match parentheses
                Auto space
                Dash-like characters
            Automatically as you type
                Format beginning of list item like the one before it
                Define styles based on your formatting
    Tools | Macro
            Security Level
            Trust all installed add-ins and templates
    Tools | Language
        Set Language...
            Detect language automatically
        Chinese Translation...
            Translation direction
            Use Taiwan, Hong Kong SAR and Macao SAR character variants
            Translate common terms.
    Customizable error messages
        List of error messages to customize
    Disable items in user interface
            Disable command bar buttons and menu items
                File | Open... | Tools | Find...
                File | Save as Web Page...
                File | Web Page Preview
                File | Send To | Mail Recipient
                Insert | Hyperlink...
                Tools | Protect Document...
                Tools | Online Collaboration
                Tools | Macro
                Tools | Macro | Macros...
                Tools | Macro | Record New Macro...
                Tools | Macro | Security...
                Tools | Macro | Visual Basic Editor
                Tools | Macro | Microsoft Script Editor
                Tools | Templates and Add-Ins...
                Tools | Customize...
                Tools | Options...
                Help | Office on the Web
                Help | Detect and Repair...
                Web | Refresh Current Page
                Web | Start Page
                Web | Search the Web
                Web | Favorites
                Web | Go
                Web | Address
            Disable shortcut keys
                Ctrl+F (Find...)
                Ctrl+K (Insert | Hyperlink...)
                Alt+F8 (Tools | Macro | Macros...)
                Alt+F11 (Tools | Macro | Visual Basic Editor)
                Alt+Shift+F11 (Tools | Macro | Microsoft Script Editor)
            Disable command bar buttons and menu items
                Enter a command bar ID to disable
            Disable shortcut keys
                Enter a key and modifier to disable
        Volume preference
        Custom Answer Wizard database path
        Alternate revision bar position in printed document
        Disable MRU list in font dropdown
Applies to:
Deployment Center 2003