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PivotTable I: Get started with PivotTable reports in Excel 2007

PivotTable report layout area and PivotTable Field List

Callout 1 The layout area for the PivotTable report.
Callout 2 The PivotTable Field List.

This is what you see in the new worksheet after you close the Create PivotTable dialog box.

On one side is the layout area ready for the PivotTable report, and on the other side is the PivotTable Field List. This list shows the column titles from the source data. As mentioned earlier, each title is a field: Country, Salesperson, and so on.

You create a PivotTable report by moving any of the fields to the layout area for the PivotTable report. You do this either by selecting the check box next to the field name, or by right-clicking a field name and selecting a location to move the field to.

If you have worked with PivotTable reports before, you may wonder if you can still drag fields to build a report. You can, and you'll see how at the end of the lesson.

Tip     If you click outside of the layout area (of a PivotTable report), the PivotTable Field List goes away. To get the field list back, click inside the PivotTable layout area or report.

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