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Up to speed with PowerPoint 2007

Click arrow to get more options

Callout 1 When you don't see an option that you want in a group, such as the Font group shown here, click the arrow in the corner.
Callout 2 A dialog box opens with more options to choose from.

Clearly, there are more commands and options than will fit into a group. Only the most commonly used commands are showing. If you want one that's less frequently needed, click the diagonal arrow that appears in the lower corner of a group. It displays more options.

For example, in the Font group of the Home tab, you have the typical formatting buttons for font type and size, bold, italic, color, and so on.

If you want another type of formatting, such as superscript, click the arrow in this group to get the Font dialog box.

The arrow appears in the group when you're doing work on the slide that might call for commands in that group. For instance, when you click within a text placeholder on the slide, the arrow appears in every group of the Home tab that has commands related to working with text.

Tip: Make the Ribbon smaller     If you find yourself wanting more real estate in the window, you can gain it by temporarily hiding the Ribbon commands. You'll do this in the practice session.

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