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Up to speed with PowerPoint 2007

Layout types available when you add a slide

Choose a layout when you add a new slide.
Callout 1 On the Home tab, click New Slide, below the slide icon.
Callout 2 Click a layout to insert a slide with that layout.

If you did the first lesson's practice exercise, you inserted a new slide that automatically applied a layout. You can also choose a layout before you insert the slide. To do so, click New Slide, below the slide icon on the Home tab. That displays the layout choices.

The layouts in PowerPoint 2007 are more robust than before. Several of them include "content" placeholders, which you can use for either text or graphics. An example is the Title and Content layout. In the middle of its one placeholder, it includes this set of icons:

Icons in Title and Content layout

Click any of the icons to insert that type of content — a table, chart, SmartArt graphic, picture from a file, piece of clip art, or video file. Or, ignore the icons and type text, which this layout also supports.

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