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Get visual with SmartArt graphics

When you want to use a SmartArt graphic, you'll have a gallery of layouts to choose from. A layout refers to the types and arrangement of shapes in the graphic, and how they're grouped or connected.

Click Play to see this gallery and get an idea of the layouts available.

Layouts for SmartArt graphics are collected in full in the All category within the Choose a SmartArt Graphic dialog box (shown in the animation). Then they're broken down into these types:

  • List
  • Process
  • Cycle
  • Hierarchy
  • Relationship
  • Matrix
  • Pyramid

In the next lesson, you'll get more details about creating a SmartArt graphic and choosing a layout. For now, have a look at SmartArt graphics that were created with various layouts.

And note: These examples vary in terms of layout type but also in terms of slide design — meaning the background, color, and fonts being used. The last lesson has details about designing your graphics.

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