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Get visual with SmartArt graphics

Replace one layout with another

What if you decide you want a different layout altogether? You can easily switch to another one.

Callout 1 With the graphic selected on the slide, click the Design tab in SmartArt Tools. (These tools are available whenever the graphic is selected.)
Callout 2 Click a layout thumbnail in the Layouts group.
Callout 3 That layout is applied to the graphic.

Tip: Reset a graphic    If you've altered the structure of the graphic by adding and deleting shapes or done other customizations, and you want to start over, click Reset Graphic:

Reset Graphic button image

This resets the whole graphic. It's on the Design tab in SmartArt Tools.

If you only want to go back a few steps, you can use Undo Button image on the Quick Access Toolbar.

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