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Up to speed with PowerPoint 2007

Click Play to see some of the Ribbon tabs.

The Ribbon is made up of several tabs. Along with the Home tab, there are these:

Insert tab     Here are all the things you might want to put on a slide — from tables, pictures, diagrams, charts, and text boxes to sounds, hyperlinks, headers, and footers.

Design tab     Choose a complete look for the slides that encompasses background design, fonts, and color scheme. Then customize that look.

Animations tab     All the animating effects are here. Basic animations for lists or charts are the easiest to add.

Slide Show tab     Select a pen color or a certain slide to start on. Record narration, run through the show, and do other preparatory things.

Review tab     Find the spelling checker and Research service here. Have your team use annotations to review the presentation, then review those comments.

View tab     Make a quick switch to Notes Page view, turn on gridlines, or arrange all your open presentations in the window.

Tabs as you need them

You'll notice uniquely colored tabs that appear and disappear on the Ribbon as you work. These are contextual tabs, which contain special formatting tools for items like pictures and graphics. More about these later.

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