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Calendar II: See and use multiple calendars

Test yourself

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Your main, default calendar will always be called this:

Whatever you choose to name it.


My Calendar.

To use more than one calendar in Outlook, you must have an Internet connection or be using Microsoft Exchange Server.



If you want to see how multiple schedules look as one, do this:

Use side-by-side mode.

Select the check boxes for all your calendars.

Use overlay mode.

Clear the check boxes for all but one calendar.

In Outlook 2007, you use the Calendar command to create a new calendar.

Calendar command under New button

When you do this, you are creating a new _____ in which to store calendar items.




You can hide a calendar from view in the main Outlook window but still keep it available for future use by doing the following in the Navigation Pane:

Right-clicking the calendar and clicking Delete.

Clicking the arrow next to its group name to collapse its group.

Clearing the check box next to the entry for the calendar.

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