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See and share multiple calendars

Three calendars, Calendar, Soccer Schedule, Vacation Schedule in Personal Folders

If you create alternate calendar folders and subfolders, you can view them side-by-side with your main calendar.
Callout 1 Calendar—shared when you click Share My Calendar.
Callout 2 A subfolder within your Calendar folder—not shared unless you choose to do that.
Callout 3 A calendar folder stored locally on your own computer—not shared on the server.

As we mentioned earlier, it is possible to share your calendar with others while maintaining another calendar or other calendars that you do not share.

When you share your Calendar folder, you do not share its subfolders unless you specifically make that arrangement. So you can create one or more subfolders to store calendar information that you do not share.

A calendar folder in a Personal Folders (PST) file on your own computer cannot be shared. Information you keep there is available only from your computer.

You can view appointments in a calendar subfolder, or in a Personal Folders calendar, side by side with the appointments in your main calendar. Unless you block out the times for these appointments in your main calendar also, those times will appear as Free to colleagues who try to schedule meetings with you.

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