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See and share multiple calendars

Navigation Pane before and after shared calendars opened. After shows check boxes for shared calendars. Part of "Open a Shared Calendar " dialog box

Callout 1 In the Calendar Navigation Pane, you would click the link to open a shared calendar.
Callout 2 You would type a name in the Name box to specify the calendar.
Callout 3 Calendars you share are listed in the Calendar Navigation Pane.

So, someone has arranged to share calendars with you. Hooray! But what do you do now? Again, we look to the useful Navigation Pane. When you're viewing your calendar, you'll see a link in that pane called Open a Shared Calendar.

To open the shared calendar, you would click this link, click the Name button, and select or type the name for the person sharing with you. Right away, you'd see the name listed under Other Calendars.

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