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Up to speed with PowerPoint 2007

Typing text in an org chart

Working with a new org chart.
Callout 1 The org chart adopts the colors of the applied theme.
Callout 2 A Text pane appears next to the chart, and you can type text there.
Callout 3 Text you type in the Text pane maps to chart shapes and appears in the chart as you type.

As you saw earlier, you can insert a picture and other graphics by using icons in the Title and Content layout. These include an icon for SmartArt graphics, and these graphics offer org chart layouts as well as all other layouts for diagrams in PowerPoint 2007.

When you click the SmartArt graphic icon:

SmartArt graphic icon in slide layout

you get a full gallery of the graphical layouts available.

Org charts and other graphics now have a Text pane in which you can type the text for the chart and work with it outside of the chart's shapes. This is convenient if you prefer not to type directly in the chart.

Also, now you can work in the other direction: Convert an existing bulleted list on a slide into a graphic by using the Convert to SmartArt button Button image on the Home tab.

Look for SmartArt on the Insert tab, in case you prefer to insert a diagram that way.

Insert SmartArt Graphic button on Insert tab

You can also insert tables and charts from this tab.

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