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Up to speed with PowerPoint 2007

Styles for shapes such as text boxes

Styles for your text box.
Callout 1 The Format tab in Drawing Tools has styles for text boxes and other shapes.
Callout 2 Display the shapes gallery, and point to any style.
Callout 3 You see a preview of the style on the slide, applied to the text box.

For the picture caption, insert a text box. You'll find this on the Insert tab.

When you insert the text box, the Drawing Tools are displayed. Click the Format tab, and use the commands on it to:

  • Choose a shape style for the text box or other shapes, and a shape fill, such as a gradient color; a shape outline color; and an effect, such as beveling or a shadow or glow.
  • Insert, change, and edit shapes.
  • Position and arrange shapes.
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