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See and share multiple calendars

One person telling the other that they've shared their calendar

When you share your calendar, you need to tell others that you've shared it!

The calendar you share is still your own. In Outlook, your calendar is a folder that stores information about your meetings, appointments, and so on. Sharing your calendar makes all this information visible to others that you select. Here's all you have to do to share:

  1. Give a colleague permission to see your calendar.
  2. Tell that person what you've done.

It's that simple.

If you've shared folders over a network with Microsoft Windows®, you'll notice that this process is similar to that one (possibly even easier).

Limit your sharing

Before we go any further, we should mention that sharing your calendar doesn't always mean sharing everything. You can create an alternate calendar (as we discussed in the previous lesson) and keep some of your appointments there, unshared. You can keep a calendar to yourself on your own computer.

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