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Basic tasks in Excel Online
Article Learn the basics using an online workbook like adding data, printing a worksheet, analyzing or presenting the data and sharing with others.
Excel Online
Basic tasks in OneNote Online
Article Browser-based viewing and editing of online OneNote notebooks in OneNote Online. Take notes, and work with others online.
OneNote Online, OneNote Web App
Basic tasks in PowerPoint Online
Article Create a basic presentation using PowerPoint Online.
PowerPoint Online
Basic tasks in Word Online
Article Browser-based viewing, editing, and basic formatting of online documents in Word Online. Print, share, and work with others online.
Word Online, Word Web App
Deploy Office Web Apps Server
Link IT pro information on how to install, deploy, and configure Office Web Apps Server on-premises.
Excel Online, OneNote Online...
Office Web Apps Preview
Link Use the newest Office Web Apps features in SkyDrive and Hotmail when you create, view, or edit a document.
Excel Online, OneNote Online...