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Personalize your slide design

Three themes, one slide

Let's pretend for a moment that you work for Margie's Travel Company, which is expanding into tropical vacation tours, and you want to make your presentations stand out by creating a unique look that you can reuse. One of the fastest ways you can achieve that is by using themes.

Themes make it easy to create professional-looking presentations and save you time by ensuring that all parts of your slide (such as the background, text, tables, and shapes) always complement one another.

Themes determine the look and layout of your slides. And every presentation, including a new blank one, has a theme applied to it.

With a simple click or two to change themes, you can dramatically change the look of your presentation. In the three slides shown, the color change is the most noticeable. But if you look closely at the slide on the left, the title placeholder appears at the bottom of the slide, even though all three slides use the same Title and Content layout.

If you've used PowerPoint 2003 or earlier, you might be familiar with design templates. In PowerPoint 2007, design templates have been replaced by themes, which are much more versatile.

Tip     Not only do themes match content within your presentation, but you can apply the same theme to your Microsoft Office Word 2007 documents, Microsoft Office Excel 2007 workbooks, and Microsoft Office Outlook 2007 e-mail messages to give all of your communications a consistent look.

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