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Create your first presentation

Slide Show view

As you create a show, preview it at any time in Slide Show view. This view gives you an idea of how the slides will look and behave when projected.

Callout 1 To open Slide Show view, click the Slide Show tab, and click a command in the Start Slide Show group — to start on the first slide or the current slide.
Callout 2 Slide Show view fills your computer screen.
Callout 3 One way to navigate from slide to slide is to use the Slide Show toolbar, at the bottom of the screen, on the left. It has navigational arrows that appear when you position the cursor in that area. (You'll see this toolbar better in the practice session.) Another way to move from slide to slide is simply to click the mouse button.
Callout 4 To get out of Slide Show view at any point, press ESC. This returns you to the view you left, which is typically Normal view. There, you can make necessary changes to slides, and then preview the slide show again.

Other ways to open Slide Show view are:

  • Press F5 to start on the first slide.
  • Press SHIFT+F5 to start on the current slide.
  • Click the Slide Show button, which is in the lower-right part of the PowerPoint window next to the Zoom slider.

Button image

The show begins on the slide that's currently selected on the Slides tab.

  • Click the Slide Show button on the View tab. The show begins on the first slide no matter which slide is currently selected.
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