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Create your first presentation

Examples of layouts

A slide layout arranges your slide content. For example, you may want both a list and a picture on the slide, or a picture and a caption. Layouts contain different types of placeholders and placeholder arrangements to support whatever your content is.

The picture shows the layouts that PowerPoint starts with automatically.

Callout 1 The Title Slide layout, shown here as it looks in the layouts gallery, is applied to the first slide in the show, the one that's already there when you start.
Callout 2 On the slide, the Title Slide layout contains placeholders for a title and subtitle.
Callout 3 The layout you'll probably use the most for other slides is called Title and Content, shown here as it looks in the layouts gallery.
Callout 4 On the slide, this layout has a placeholder for the slide title, and a second, all-purpose placeholder that contains text as well as several icons. This placeholder supports either text or graphic elements like charts, pictures, and movie files.

Some of the other layouts have two of these all-purpose placeholders, so you could put a list in one and a picture or other graphic in the other.

You'll work more with layouts when you practice.

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