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Delegate Access: Let someone else mind your busyness

A meeting request received on behalf of someone else and a meeting  acceptance on behalf of someone elese.

Craig Dewer is a delegate for Luca Dellamore. As a delegate, he receives and accepts the Tee Time appointment on Luca's behalf.
Callout 1 What Craig sees when a meeting request arrives for Luca.
Callout 2 What Judy sees when Craig accepts the request for Luca.

Are you so busy attending other people's meetings that you don't have time to schedule your own? The last time that you went on vacation, did you wish that someone else could have accepted or declined meeting requests for you, so that your calendar would be up to date when you got back?

With delegate access, meeting requests can be received, accepted, and even sent for you by someone else. Once the meeting details are final, the meeting appears in your calendar almost as if you had performed the whole transaction yourself.

This picture shows you what a received request might look like to your delegate, and what an accepted request might look like to the person who set up the meeting. What’s nice is that Outlook lets your colleagues know right up front that a delegate is acting on your behalf. Also, the delegate can work from his or her own desk and computer—there's no need to take over your office or your desk. (Your delegate will probably be just as happy about this as you are.)

Tip     To help keep things straight, you might want to have your delegate color-code the meetings and appointments that he or she creates. We'll talk more about that in the next lesson.

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